Spa Day Packages

Take some time for yourself in the beautiful and relaxing Aghadoe Heights Spa, Killarney, a truly exceptional and indulgent spa experience. The moment you step into this calm and soothing environment of, your mind, body, and soul will begin to relax and unwind.

We have crafted a selection of spa breaks that incorporate different amenities from Aghadoe Heights Spa. Each treatment experience will commence with full consultation from your specially selected team of therapists. Your therapist will respond to the needs of your mind, body, and soul to achieve perfect balance and harmony. Explore and enjoy the pleasures of our naturally stunning environment. We have a perfect package for you...

Just for Two

The pampering commences with an intimate body scrub followed by either a detoxifying facial designed to lift, firm, and tighten tired and weary skin around the face, neck, and décolleté or seize the opportunity to release any stress or tension with a back massage targeted to release muscle tension and tightness in the shoulders. 

*Upgrade your experience and enjoy the precious stone wellness experience for just €40

*Upgrade with a 2-course spa lunch menu for €30

€265 per couple for 75 min

Thermal & Relaxation Suite

Total of 165 min

Voya Yew Time Ritual

Rich elements of the surrounding land and sea are combined in this exclusive VOYA ritual. Step into a cocoon of relaxation and commence your journey to awaken your senses. Enjoy body exfoliation that will help to renew and refresh the body, leaving your skin silky and soft. Next, drift away as we envelop you in our warm spiced mud wrap, complete with pressure point scalp massage, integrating the skins rejuvenating properties of Kerry peat and the detoxifying, hydrating properties of Irish seaweed, infused with the essence of ginger and mandarin. Complete your journey with a muscle-relaxing massage using an oil-infused combination of elements from Killarney National Park and an application of the Softly Does It body moisturizer.

€200 per person

Thermal & Relaxation Suite

Total of 120 min



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