Dine in the Dark

Aghadoe Heights Hotel and Spa are delighted to once again be supporting the annual Dine in the Dark initiative run by NCBI. We will be hosting our Dine in the Dark menu on 14th November 2019

Dine in the Dark will be running for its fourth year and Aghadoe Heights Hotel and Spa are thrilled to once again be involved in this wonderful initiative. Dine in the Dark challenges people to enjoy of restaurant dinner, whilst removing their sense of sight.

Diners wear blindfolds throughout their meal in order to understand the impact and challenges imposed with sight-loss and visual impairments, even with something as enjoyable and simple as a dining out experience. 

Dine in the Dark is vital in raising funds and awareness about the work of the NCBI and it is thanks to the generosity of people like you that it's getting bigger and better each year. 

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