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Things to do in Killarney

The Aghadoe Heights Resort & Spa offers an ideal base to explore all that Kerry and the south west of Ireland has to offer.

Killarney National Park

25,000 acres of Lakes, Mountains and Parkland. This protected park really is the heart of Killarney. At the centre lies the famous Lakes of Killarney with their banks rising up to Ireland's highest mountain range, The McGillycuddy Reeks.

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Rock Climbing

Killarney, home to Ireland's highest mountain range, is an ideal base to do a little rock climbing. We can arrange a guided experience to suit your ability. If you're a beginner we suggest you take part in a basic two day course or we can arrange a one day excursion to get your started. For those with experience...the mountains await you!

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Torc Falls

Located on the south side of the lakes and at the foot of Torc Mountain. There are a few walking options in this area and most of them take in the picturesque Torc Waterfalls.

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Innisfallen Island

The largest of a cluster of small islands on the Lakes of Killarney. Boat trips go out daily during the summer months.

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Ross Castle

This is a typical example of a stronghold of an Irish Chieftain during the Middle ages. Ross Castle is situated on the lake edge and is estimated to have been built in the 15th Century.

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The Gap Trip it's referred to by the locals, this famous all-in-one day trip allows you to see a little bit of everything.

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Muckross House & Gardens

Take a guided tour of this Victorian Manor House, completed in 1843. Muckross House has been carefully preserved and visitors can step back in time as they wander through the ornately decorated rooms and corridors.

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Muckross Traditional Farms

The traditional farms are located next to Muckross House. The farms will transport you back to the 1930's.

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Corran Tuathail – Ireland’s own Everest

A visit to Killarney offers an ideal time to challenge yourself with Ireland's highest mountain. Corran Tuathail stands 1038m (3406ft) high.

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Cycling in Killarney

The hotel has a selection of bikes which are available complimentary to guests who wish to explore the surroundings.

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