Sustainability at Aghadoe

Comitting to a Greener Future

Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa are dedicated to providing a more responsible and eco-friendly environment. We have changed the way we use resources and created a number of sustainable approaches to ensure that we are consistently improving and minimising any negative effect our procedures or systems have on the environment.

We believe in sourcing and buying responsibly. This includes purchasing as much from our local suppliers, reducing our food miles, as well as supporting local businesses.

Some of our Key Measures:

We have agreed to achieve certification from The Green Hospitality Programme which is one of the only environmental certification standards for the Hospitality Industry.

We have Green Champions among our team striving to achieve and implement our goals with colleagues & train them on our sustainable practices.

All the hotel's "2 Go Cup" coffee cups are recyclable.

The hotels' gift cards, boxes and bags are recyclable .

We are constantly looking at Single Use Plastics throughout the property and seeking alternative sustainable products to replace these.

We have our own herb garden lovingly cared for by our gardener, Rory.

The hotel recycles all its Nespresso Coffee Pods.

Removing excess plastic from bedrooms and changing to fully recyclable paper based water bottles.

Communicating this policy and relevant environment control to employee, suppliers and guests is of high priority to us here at Aghadoe.

The Hotel has four EV charging points onsite.

Managing waste and developing recycling initiatives.

Monitoring water usage and encouraging water conservation.

Promoting efficient energy management and utilization.

The hotel is heavily focused on food sustainablity and seasonality.

The hotel has installed Filtered Water Stations in our Heights Lounge and Lake Room Restaurannt.

We are up to 70% conversion to LED lighting across the Hotel.

We have designed a training programme for our Kitchen Department on Food Waste and working with the teams to reduce this.

The hotel is replacing single use plastic straws with biodegradable alternatives.

Composting waste to create compost for our garden, including a herb garden for our chefs.

Plastic, Cardboard, Glass and Dry Recyclying is all collected seperately for recycling.

Guests can enjoy organic products from Irish brand Voya throughout the hotel and spa.

    Biodiversity Area

    We enjoy five acres of land that support an abundance of flora and fauna across the resort. Biodiversity boots ecosystem producivity, where each species have an important role to play. Maintaining a high level of diversity among plants, animals and all living things all around us is essential in keeping the environment healthy and fit for human liffe.

    One third of our bees species in Ireland are threatened with extinction. This is because we have drastically reduced the amount of flowers and safe nesting sites in our landscapes.

    Aghadoe are proud to home a number of beehives and have planted a number of wildflower meadows to help re-establish lost colonies of bees. This offsets the natural decrease in pollination by wild bees.

    We also have our own honey which has significant antibacterial qualities amongst many other benefits on offer on our breakfast buffet.

    Electric Vehicle Charging

    As part as our offerings and ongoing commitment to the environment, Aghadoe Heights Hotel and Spa have installed 4 EV charging points for our guests.

    Electric cars represent a cleaner, greener way to use everyday transport and can be fuelled by electricity from renewable sources, such as wind, hydropower and solar. All our electricity in Aghadoe is sourced as Green Electricity , as such has no carbon footprint.

    By choosing an electric car, you can reduce your carbon footprint and pollution impact to help preserve our natural environment.

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