Experience Aghadoe Heights

Here are our top 5 must do 'On Property' experiences during your stay at Aghadoe Heights:

  1. Bee Haven: Delight in our newest bee experience at Aghadoe, where our bees craft our on-site homemade honey. Witness the magic as it's freshly presented on the honeycomb at breakfast in The Lake Room Restaurant.
  2. Spa Sanctuary: The Spa at Aghadoe is a haven inspired by the beauty, tranquility, and legends of our surroundings. Immerse yourself in our award-winning Spa, offering treatments using the finest organic ingredients. Partnering with Ground & Seabody reflects our commitment to rejuvenating your senses and inner wellbeing.

  3. Culinary Delights: Indulge in the fresh Cromane oysters at our fine-dining Lake Room Restaurant. Our exclusive menu celebrates Kerry's artisan producers, innovative techniques, and meticulous preparation, promising a remarkable gastronomic journey.

  4. Explore Killarney: Hop on our complimentary Mercedes shuttle for a 5-minute ride to Killarney. Discover the charm of this traditional town, resonating with history and alive with Irish music around every corner.

  5. Nature's Embrace: Surrender to the awe-inspiring scenery of Killarney Lakes against the backdrop of McGillycuddy Reek mountains. Let nature's tranquility envelop you as you savor a hot chocolate or hot toddy at our viewing point, breathing in the crisp, fresh air.

Experience the unparalleled beauty and hospitality of Aghadoe Heights, where every moment is infused with luxury, tranquility, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you seek relaxation, culinary delights, or adventure, our sanctuary nestled amidst the wonders of Kerry awaits your discovery.

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