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Whether in search of ultimate relaxation or looking for premium, results-based treatments, we have carefully selected the best beauty brands from around the world.

Let our experts guide you through the extensive list of options to meet your needs...

VOYA Facials

VOYA self-discovery radiance facial

This skin type specific ocean inspired facial is deeply detoxifying, thoroughly revitalizing and helps to smooth skin tone and increase clarity. This treatment incorporates a relaxing facial massage using seaweed products to release any build-up of toxins and toxic micro particles in order to repair and nourish any damaged skin cells. You will be left with a revived glowing, yet non greasy complexion that is both enriched and strengthened. Allow your therapist to tailor the products to suit your skin type.

€110 for 60mins

Mens VOYA intense energy facial

Enjoy a refreshing, full facial to clear away any tired skin cells and help promote the regeneration of new skin cells. Allow your therapist to choose the correct facial products for your skin type to achieve maximum results. Your face will feel energised and your skins natural defenses will be boosted. Our organic moisturiser locks in all the goodness, leaving you refreshed and invigorated.

€110 for 60mins

Voya Anti-aging restorative facial

The intensive facial is particularly good for maturing, dry or dehydrated skin. Using a combination of anti-oxidant algae complexes, procollagen extracts and a restorative blend of organic ingredients, this facial helps to fight the signs of aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through lifting, plumping and firming. Fresh leaves of wild Atlantic seaweed are placed over a richly blended oxygenating face mask while particular attention is paid to the neck and décolleté including a relaxing therapeutic scalp massage.

€145 for 75mins

Voya deluxe facial experience

This facial treatment is suitable for all skin types, but if particular benefit for alleviating fine lines and wrinkles. This purely indulgent facial begins with a back exfoliation and massage. Meanwhile you will find it almost impossible not to relax as out rich combination of marine botanicals and wild Atlantic seaweed, together with our deep cleansing balm, work to restore the natural minerals and oils to the face, neck and décolleté. Thoroughly unwind with a relaxing scalp massage.

€165 for 90mins

Kerstin Florian Facials

Bio Mineral Facial

Reset your complexion with this all natural facial designed to return the skin to its ideal most functional state. Balancing pre and probiotics, cell renewing fruit enzymes and skin replenishing minerals combine with a clearing massage using Jade tools to stimulate lymphatic drainage. This process also helps to release toxins and improve circulation. A nourishing masque and customised serum blend are infused into the skin leaving it refreshed, renewed and restored.

€110 for 60 min

BerryPlus antioxidant infusion facial

This treatment is ultra-oxygenating and based on vitamin rich super berries and plant cell cultures which fortify, rejuvenate and renew the skin. Concentrated nourishing oils, serums and plant essences are used with exclusive acupressure and a muscle easing face and neck massage techniques. Continue the treatment with a nourishing algae rich masque which promotes increased cellular renewal and a healthy radiance.

€110 for 60 mins


VOYA seafaring voyager massage

A complete head to toe Voya experience incorporating our opening foot ritual, back massage and movements of the sea. Your journey begins with revitalising body brushing to improve blood and lymph flow. The world’s first organic seaweed oil is then massaged deep into stiff, tight or aching muscles followed by an aromatic organic body cream to seal in the essential oils.

€180 for 90mins

Indian head and back neck and shoulder massage

This sublimely relaxing combined treatment helps to alleviate stress, taut muscle tension and stiffness as the back massage is performed. This allows for improved blood circulation aiding in the draining away of any accumulated toxin, which can in turn help to eliminate headaches and eye strain. You will complete this treatment feeling calmed, revitalised and with uplifted spirits. 

€105 for 45mins

Hot stone massage

Indulge in a new level of relaxation as warmed basalt river stones are used to massage the body, helping to release tension and connect with the earth's energy. Advanced massage techniques, combined with the use of the hot stones will help relieve your aches and pains.

€105 for 45mins   

€130 for 60mins

Hydrotherm massage*

Discover a new dimension of massage. Warm, water-filled cushions cradle your body, easing the strain on muscles, while your therapist reached deeply stressed areas. This has all the benefits of a traditional massage, without the nuisance of having to turn over. It is just pure uninterrupted relaxation. It is also ideal for expectant and nursing mothers and is beneficial throughout pregnancy as it aids the relief of lower back discomfort, supports ligament changes, eases water retention, improves circulation and helps speed the healing process.

€110 for 45mins

Deep tissue massage

Treat tired muscles to an invigorating massage journey which incorporate deep muscle work. The world's first organic seaweed oil and heating gels targets specific muscle groups and helps to relieve aches, pains and soothes away any tension in the back and body. We highly recommend this massage for golfers, hikers and cyclists, this is the perfect revival massage. 

€145 for 60mins


VOYA sea mineral exfoliation

The ultimate treat for tied and dull skin, this invigorating all over body exfoliation refines skin texture and increase luster. Ground down seaweed combined with a melody of botanicals works to firm skin tone, while removing dead skin cells helping to encourage cell regeneration and even skin tone. To finish an all over application of organic body cream is applied. Leave, feeling awakened and re-energised with smooth silky polished skin.

€90 for 45 mins

VOYA invigorating sea salt ritual

An invigorating full body exfoliation with organic salt scrub will stimulate blood and lymph flow. Allow the grains to fall from your bod before sinking into the warm waters of the hydrotherapy bath filled with wild hand- harvested seaweed. Natural oils are suspended in the water readily available for the body to absorb. Apply softly does it body moisturiser to finish this treatment.

€120 for 60 minutes

Revitalizing Leg & Hydrating Face Ritual

Relax and unwind with this mixed treatment for both the lower legs and face. Begin with a relaxing foot soak and revitalising scrub to help you increase the circulation to your legs. Float away and enjoy a lower limb draining massage to help with any fluid retention. Unwind your mind while your legs are wrapped in a seaweed nourishing compress. Whilst the seaweed gets to work enjoy a refreshing facial to give some much needed hydration and glow back to your skin.

€105 for 45 mins * popular pregnancy treatment


VOYA deep-sea nourishment wrap

Inspired by the sea this body wrap draws on the detoxifying and natural anti-aging properties of luminaria seaweed combined with stimulating body brushing, to deeply nourish and relax tired muscles. To ensure full absorption, the body is wrapped securely in muslin whilst you receive a heavenly scalp massage allowing any strains or stresses to drift away.

€90 for 45mins

Voya warm spiced mud cocoon

Enjoy the benefits of detoxifying seaweed and purifying peat combined with a luxurious blend of ginger, aloe and orange peel in this warm spiced wrap. Our warm blend of herbs work together to firm and tone skin while cocooning the body in nature’s balm. Finally the body is enriched with a generous application of organic body cream to lock in the vitamins and minerals.

€120 for 60mins

Bath & Ritual

VOYA back and bath ritual

Begin your journey with an invigorating back massage using organic seaweed oil. Then enjoy a warm detoxifying seaweed leaf bath. Allow your aches and pains to dissolve away and be replaced with natural vitamins and minerals of our wild Atlantic seaweed.

€105 for 45mins

VOYA seaweed bath

Let your body be pleasantly immersed into this traditional bath, offering a potent detoxification and purification through the rich antioxidants and minerals from the Irish sea. This deep relaxing bath can soothe aches and energise mind and soul.

€40 for 30mins



A specialised treatment of the feet. Reflexology can enhance the release of tension and stress while relaxing the entire body. Gentle pressure is applied to the specific points on the feet to stimulate energy lines within the body encouraging your own healing system. It is beautifully relaxing, calming and beneficial to your entire system.

€105 for 45 minutes


Precious stone therapy


VOYA eyes wide open


VOYA tranquil essence


 K-lift express eye rescue


K-lift express lift 


K-lift express lips


Intensive hair repair


Co-enzyme Q10 ampoule


Pure vitamin C ampoule


Intensive repair ampoule


PRO 30 multi acid peel or Marine Biomatrix sheet masque


Thermal Heaven

Thermal suite 

€15 per person for a one hour experience

Our Thermal Suite is an area with a variety of experiences designed to soothe and balance but at the same time detoxify the body and invigorate the senses.

Opening hours 9.30am - 5.30pm. Last appointment at 4pm. Prebooking essential.

Spa Day Packages

Just for Two with lunch

The pampering commences with an intimate body scrub followed by either a detoxifying facial designed to lift, firm and tighten tired and weary skin around the face, neck and décolleté or seize the opportunity to release any stress or tension with a back massage targeted to release muscle tension and tightness in the shoulders. Enjoy this treatment side by side with your partner, followed by a two course lunch in the Heights Lounge.

€325 per couple

Voya Yew time ritual

Rich elements of the surrounding land and sea are combined in this exclusive VOYA ritual. Step into a cocoon of relaxation and commence your journey with an initial touch to awaken your senses. An all over body exfoliation will then help to renew and refresh the body, leaving your skin silky soft. Next, drift away as we envelop you in our warm spiced mud wrap, complete with pressure point scalp massage, integrating the skin rejuvenating properties of Kerry peat and the detoxifying, hydrating properties of Irish seaweed, infused with the essence of ginger and mandarin. Complete your journey with a muscle relaxing massage using an oil infused with a light and fresh combination of elements from Killarney National Park and an application of the Softly Does It body moisturiser.

€200 for 120mins

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